Generate an External Auth Token for your build server to use from your Raygun User Settings page

Install the capistrano-raygun-deployment gem

gem install capistrano-raygun-deployment

Or if you are using Bundler

echo "gem 'capistrano-raygun-deployment'" >> Gemfile
bundle install

Add the following to your Capfile

require 'capistrano/raygun-deployment'

Finally, add the following to your config.

set :raygun_api_key, "YOUR_APPLICATIONS_API_KEY"
set :raygun_auth_token, "YOUR_EXTERNAL_AUTH_TOKEN"
set :raygun_release_path, "releases/LATEST" #optional, defaults to RELEASE

This can either go in config/deploy.rb or in config/deploy/production.rb depending on whether you want it to run in every environment or not. We recommend having a separate Raygun Application per environment, so would suggest you put it in the environment specific config files.

When you are ready to deploy, create a release file in RELEASE (or whatever release path you have chosen) with the following format:

ownerName: Jamie Penney
notes: |
    # Testing out the rake plugin

    * More markdown formatting

    ### Jamie

The next time you deploy, capistrano-raygun-deployment will register your deployment with Raygun!